Batman statues are a dime a dozen. I mean, not literally --- they're generally going to set you back a pretty penny --- but there are enough of them out there that if you want to decorate your home exclusively in miniature replicas of the Dark Knight, you could do so pretty easily. There's one for every era, all manner of sizes, and thanks to DC's Black and White line, there's one for almost every artist who's done a notable take on the character. Robin, though? Robins are a whole lot harder to find.

That's why it's nice to see that the folks over at Tweeterhead are doing their part, adding a new Robin maquette to their lineup, based on the classic design for the Boy Wonder, going up for pre-order this week.



The Classic Robin maquette is, of course, meant to stand beside the similarly Golden Agey Batman maquette that Tweeterhead put out a while back. Sadly, the version with the blue cape and cowl is no longer available, but if you're desperate to have both parts of comics' greatest duo, there is a "Noir" variant with a black cape and a frownier head that you can still pick up for $125. If you go that route, though, you're probably going to want to use Robin's interchangeable "grimace" head, just for the sake of consistency.

As for the price of the Robin figure, that remains to be seen --- the current selection of Classic Batman statues, which includes the Penguin, Two-Face and Batwoman as well, ranges in price from $117 to $225. It's probably safe to assume that Robin will probably be comparable to Batman's price point, but with Tweeterhead's tendency to go for strictly limited runs on their maquettes, one never knows for sure.

The pre-orders for the Classic Robin Maquette begin on Thursday, May 12.