Photographer Jay Tablante really takes his models' cosplay to a whole new level. It requires one degree of creativity to stick out while dressing up at Comic-Con, but he really sticks it to his subjects during post-production and augments the heck out reality. Based out of Quezon City in the Philippines, Tablante has an extensive portfolio of professional work behind him; he also has an affection for characters like Gambit, Black Canary and the stars of the Witchblade anime series that's more than apparent in his side work.

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Zatanna, Emma Frost, and Elektra also appear in a gallery he's set up on his deviantART account. Tablante even says that he got Neil Gaiman's blessing on his depiction of Death from the Endless. Longtime comic book card collectors in particular should approve of his Psylocke portrait, which takes its inspiration from the '90s.

Check out our top picks below and find out if you want this guy photographing your next con costume.

[Via Geek-Art]