If anyone's had a rough go over the past few years at DC Comics, it's Superboy. He had a nervous breakdown, died, came back to life, and starred in a backup feature before finally returning to the Teen Titatns. But the real excitement for SB fans comes next Wednesday when writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) and DC newcomer artist Pier Gallo relaunch the Boy of Steel's ongoing series with a new Superboy #1. What's in store for Kon-El and his Smallville home? Find out after the jump.

DC's The Source hosted a brand new six-page preview of Superboy's November 3 debut today, along with a cryptic clue regarding the direction of the book that suggests Smallville's not exactly the wholesome Kansas town it appears to be. With the Phantom Stranger rearing his creepy head in the first few pages, the publisher's mysterious solicitation info seems validated.

Solicitation copy from the book's second and third issues promise a confrontation with Poison Ivy and guest appearances from his fellow Teen Titans to boot, meaning Smallville residents likely won't be getting much rest anytime soon.

Check out the first six pages from Superboy #1, along with a variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque below:

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