Jeff Smith fans got two big presents at this weekend's WonderCon: The first is news that IDW is set to release a new Artist's Edition collection of Bone this fall. The second? Smith's working on a brand new webcomic set in prehistoric times, titled Tüki Save the Humans.

There aren't any set release dates for either project. Smith said he'd need at least six months' worth of Tüki finished before he'll start posting it online. The plan is for the comic to be weekly and full-color.IDW's press release announcing the Bone Artist's Edition will feature the classic "Great Cow Race" story. It'll be 144 pages and measure 12" x 17", the size of Smith's original art. Having an Artist's Edition with his name on it means Smith joins an elite club that includes Dave Stevens, Walt Simonson, John Romita Sr., Wally Wood, Will Eisner and David Mazzucchelli.

Tüki will be set 2 million years ago and tell a funny, fantastical story suitable for kids, Smith said. Animal spirits play a big role. He has plans to publish the comic in print somewhere down the line.

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[Via IDW and Bleeding Cool]

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