Prominent cartoonist Jeffrey Brown has chronicled his transition into fatherhood pretty extensively in his autobio comic Undeleted Scenes and other works. Now the creator is applying his paternal skills to an official Star Wars book, Darth Vader and Son, that looks into an alternate dimension where Darth Vader was an active dad instead of... well... a complete psycho who made a habit of cutting down younglings. Set for release this month from Chronicle Books, the $15 hardcover book includes 64 pages of illustrated gags celebrating the bond between Sith Lord and Jedi (or is it father and son?). As far as I can tell, the book focuses on Luke rather than his twin sister Leia. Considering she got to be raised by Bail "Jimmy Smitts" Organa in the official SW canon instead of having her biological father chop off her hand with a laser sword, I think it's a pretty fair trade-off, though. Check out the official trailer for Darth Vader and Son, along with a few preview pages, after the cut.

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