As you might already know, we're a pretty obsessive group here at ComicsAlliance, and one of our biggest obsessions is Jem and the Holograms, the truly outrageous story of a glam band built on a secret identities and bizarre adventures. Naturally, we were all pretty stoked when Integrity Toys launched their new series of pricey Jem collector dolls, although to be honest, that first wave felt a little lacking. Sure, Jerrica and her alter-ego are a must, but Rio and Synergy? C'mon. This ain't amateur night.

Now, though, things are picking up, as Integrity has announced Series 2, featuring Kimber, Aja and Shana, finally giving us that Holograms reunion tour we've been so desperately wanting. Check out pictures of the new wave below!The second wave includes Kimber, (keytar, backing vocals, sibling rivalry), Aja (lead guitar, concern for orphans) and Shana (drums, guitar, aspirations of a career in fashion that are frequently made moot by the fact that the band has a sentient hologram-projecting computer). Unfortunately, the Misfits have yet to be released, which means you can't re-enact all the subtext of "The Bands Break UP" with Kimber and Stormer, but one assumes that'll be the focus of a third wave.

The dolls are set to retail for the (truly outrageous) price of $119 each, shipping in late March or early April. That's a hefty fee, but what price is too high for this much glamour, glitter, fashion and fame?




[Via ToyNewsinternational]