One of the benefits of working at a major men's magazine is that my inbox gets inundated on a daily basis with random crap that people think the magazine absolutely MUST publish in order to stay relevant (read: natural male enhancements supplements and stories about men doing strange things with bees). I also get lots of pictures of half-naked girls who want to be in the magazine, much to the pleasure of a handful of my friends who benefit from my benevolent forwarding.

But today, something (almost) entirely different landed in my mailbox that I knew I just had to share with our loyal Comics Alliance community. So in the spirit of continuing what is sure to be 'round the clock coverage of Jenna Jameson's forthcoming comic book, Shadow Hunter, I present you with a picture of the most historic of encounters--a merging of body and mind, if you will.

Stan Lee never had it so good.

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