Jennifer L. Meyer is an amazing artist who specializes in drawing animals; often anthropomorphized ones. She’s illustrated picture books, chapter books, and comics, working with companies like Scholastic, IDW, First Second, and Dark Horse.

Last week, Meyer delighted the denizens of Twitter when dug up an old Wonder Woman bunny pencil sketch and shared it with her followers --- and then followed it up with more Wonder Woman bunny sketches.



The original pencil sketch, from 2015, is majestic and fierce. This bunny is holding her sword and her shield, ready to fight in the name of truth and justice. It’s hard to make a rabbit look angry, but Meyer gave this Wonder Woman some righteous rage in her eyes. Her cape and even her long lop ears are blown back by the wind.

The follow-up sketches are more minimal, but with a touch of color --- mainly the gold, red, and blue of Wonder Woman’s iconic costume.



In these sketches, Wonder Woman is traversing the countryside with her sword and shield; standing back-to-back with a cheetah, ready to fight unseen adversaries; and communing with a crowd of baby bunnies who are understandably excited to meet her. She’s even patting two of them on their heads, and they look so blessed and joyous.


J.L. Meyer
J.L. Meyer


There’s something magical about a rabbit, a classic prey animal that is often dominated by fear, taking on the Wonder Woman mantle. In this time of terrifying politics, that’s the kind of story I want to read, and the imagery I want to see --- a tiny, soft creature becoming strong for its community. 

There are plenty of fans who would love to see more of this bunny Wonder Woman, but even if DC never publishes a story like this, at least we'll have these sketches!


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