One of the most memorable Batman covers of the last several years and very arguably one of the coolest Joker images ever created, this famous Jock illustration is finally being offered as a deluxe print that we can hang on our walls.

Commissioned by DC Comics in 2011 for the cover for Detective Comics #880, part of the lauded "Black Mirror" storyline written by Scott Snyder and co-illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, Jock's Joker portrait is terrifying, gorgeous and clever. The artist would apply a similar approach to his The Dark Knight Rises limited edition poster from Mondo, which was followed up with some additional illustrations for the film's forthcoming Blu-ray collector's set.

The "Joker: Black Mirror" screen print measures 24" x 18" and costs $50. A very special variant edition will also be available: limited to 25 copies, the variant is identical to the regular version but with the red screen removed and the Joker's mouth hand-painted, making each variant a one-of-a-kind. The variant goes for $150.

Both editions will only be on sale for 48 hours, beginning at 8am (PST) on Wednesday, August 7 in Jock's store.

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