When Stephen King's "American Vampire" co-writer Scott Snyder signed exclusive to DC last month, fans knew it was a safe bet that he'd be paired with a star artist to kick off his first "Detective Comics" gig. Now, as revealed by DC's The Source blog, fans know that relatively recent "Detective" artist Jock ("The Losers") will be be manning the book's illustration duties in the mysteriously titled, "The Black Mirror" storyline.

Teased as a big, twisted tale by Snyder, Jock expressed his own excitement on returning to "Detective Comics" in November:

"Scott and I got the chance to talk a number of times over Comic-Con weekend in San Diego and his original and striking hook for the story

took me completely by surprise - I couldn't believe it hadn't been done before and I was instantly hooked..."

David Baron, who is known in part for his previous "Detective" work has also joined the art team on colors, meaning the storyline's billed noir vibe is in seasoned Bat-hands.

See the full Jock teaser image after the jump.