Fans have been demanding a Ms. America series from Marvel Comics for years, and while recent teasers seemed to suggest we might get one as part of the latest incarnation of Marvel NOW, it failed to materialize. Unabashedly capitalizing on the character’s popularity, Ms. America’s creators Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta have announced a brand-new, all-original character named... America Vasquez, who will star in a new Image Comics series, All-America Comix.

Announced today via The Hollywood Reporter, All-America Comix stars cosmic superhero America Vasquez, who solves her problems with punching --- and her problems are the mysteries behind the very building blocks of existence itself. The announcement is anything but subtle in poking fun at Marvel’s failure to capitalize on the popularity of Ms. America, as evidenced through the wealth of fan art and cosplay inspired by the character.

America Chavez first appeared in the mini-series Vengeance by Casey and Dragotta in 2011, in which she was involved in a romantic relationship with The Ultimate Nullifier. The character achieved a broader reach as one of the leads in the fan-favorite Young Avengers series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, in which she updated her wardrobe, gained a richer backstory, and moved past her relationship with The Ultimate Nullifier to identify as a lesbian.

In a strange twist of fate, America Vasquez seems more inspired by the Gillen/McKelvie take on America Chavez, which resonates strongly with female fans, than by the creators' own version, which seemed tailored towards a predominantly male readership. In promotional interviews for Vengeance, Casey said, “She doesn't wear underwear. Believe it or not, that was an important creative decision.” The creative team may need to move away from that sort of commentary if it hopes to reach the passionate fans of the Young Avengers version of America Chavez.

The announcement seems like a deliberate jab at Marvel for not pulling the trigger on its own solo series for a popular character, and it's entirely possible that this book started life as a pitch to Marvel. Even the promo text makes a subtle jab at Marvel NOW and America Chavez’s lack of a solo book. Check out the bombastic promo text below:

You wanted it! You got it! She is a hero for our time — and the time is NOW! A superpowered champion of the oppressed, AMERICA VASQUEZ is the one you've been waiting for! And this may be her greatest adventure of all. When she is confronted with the hidden secrets of the universe, you won't believe the cosmic truth she uncovers! Issue #1 hits — and we do mean HITS — in 2017 from Image Comics!"


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