Despite overseeing Marvel Comics for a decade as Editor-in-Chief and operating now as the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, Joe Quesada was and always will be an illustrator at heart. Before his work as an executive, Quesada rose to fame with a series of high profile comics projects like Batman: The Sword of Azrael, X-Factor and his creator-owned series Ash that spotlighted his dramatic and meticulous style, and he continues to demonstrate his fondness for creating comics art whenever time allows. Most recently, Quesada drew one of the covers for Venom #1, the new ongoing series by Rick Remender and Tony Moore, which is on sale now.

Always forthcoming with behind-the-scenes information, Quesada published via Twitter a detailed step-by-step guide to the creation of his Venom cover that we suspect will be seen as incredibly helpful by aspiring artists and by everybody else as just really cool.

Quesada noted that he typically sketches digitally using the Cintiq 21UX tablet, which has "paid for itself 20 times over." He indicated that Skottie Young had given him some tips along the digital lines, and Quesada believes that particular bit of kit is well worth the in vestment.

The Venom logo was designed by Chris Eliopoulos. "That's why you're the best," Quesada tweeted to the letterer, who was startled to realize he created the still unchanged logo a whole 19 years ago.

First my original doodle. I was looking for an over-the-top theme.

Still in that mindset, the idea being that the cover couldn't contain him.

Just to make sure I explored all options, I pulled back and changed logo placement. This wasn't working for me.

One more try. Changed the logo placement again. While not there, it was giving me options and ideas.

Cropping Venom at the top gave the illusion of size and directed the reader's eye in a downward "S" motion.

Always important to make sure to lead the viewers eye where you want it. Many artists don't think this through.

Time to draw.

Danny Miki's inks. Quite simply one of the very best in the business.

Richard puts the frosting on the cake with his amazing colors and the fat lady sings!

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