Our writers and editors have made their picks of the best comics and creators of the past year, and you, the readers of ComicsAlliance, have voted for your favorites.

Check out the best inkers of 2016, including our critics’ picks, listed in alphabetical order, and the creators you voted the joint winners in this category! This is the very best of 2016!

  • Critics' Pick: Lee Garbett

    Inkers are often recognized for their work on other people's pencils, but Lee Garbett's signature work in 2016 has been as both penciller and inker on Vertigo’s Lucifer revival, and his inking deserves particular notice. While most inkers might go with moody broken blacks for a book about the Morningstar, Garbett brings strong, clean lines that help set the book apart from the usual Vertigo fare. [Kieran Shiach]

  • Critics' Pick: Scott Hanna

    If you’ve read superhero comics week-to-week, you’ve probably read a comic inked by Scott Hanna. He's worked on a number of great books this year, but his standout work has been on All-New Wolverine, where his inks — and especially his work with shadows — have helped the book transition from a superhero adventure story to espionage thriller. His work proves what a difference a good inker makes to the tone and tenor of a story. [Kieran Shiach]

  • Critics' Picks: Victor Olazaba

    A veteran of the industry, Victor Olazaba continues to lend his skill with the inkbrush to many of 2016's best looking books, contributing bold, solid lines to Humberto Ramos on Champions, as well as depth and texture to Chris Bachelo on Doctor Strange. The art of these books would lack the weight they have if not for Olazaba's skilled pen. [Charlotte Finn]

  • Joint Winner: Danny Miki

    The amazing thing about Danny Miki's work on the Batman books this year isn't that it's great — he's been doing great work for years — but that he's able to add so much working with so many different styles. Greg Capullo's heavy shadows, John Romita Jr.'s fine details, and even David Finch's heavy action never look better than when they're under Miki's inks. [Chris Sims]

    Greg Capullo / DC Comics
  • Joint Winner: Sandra Hope

    Sandra Hope has been working in comics since the '90s, and the heyday of Gen13, and her work continues to impress. The best recent example comes from her work on the current volume of Batman. Stepping into the middle of the "I Am Gotham" storyline alongside Matt Benning, David Finch, and Scott Hanna, Hope's cohesiveness and adeptness with the world of Gotham --- she’s worked on innumerable Bat-books --- helped unify the aesthetic and made Finch's pencils look the best they have in years. [Tom Speelman]

    Adam Archer / DC Comics