I think we can all agree that the American educational system could use some improvements, and no institution embodies that idea more than Gotham City's prestigious Gotham Academy. There's high tuition that prices quality education out of the reach of the middle class, an emphasis on standardized testing that doesn't prepare students for real-world problem solving, and, perhaps most pressing, the fact that pretty much everyone on staff has committed some kind of thematic crime that has led them to fight the vigilante known as Batman.

Actually, in retrospect, that might be one of the school's more positive points, but as its second semester rolls on, promising students like Colton Rivera and Pomeline Fritch are having difficulty pursuing a proper education thanks to the fact that most, if not all, of their teachers are in fact arch-criminals. Check out a preview below to see for yourself!




The decision to hire Sterling Silversmith --- who once tried to murder Batman in a plot that involved cornering the silver market in hopes that the United States would switch from the gold standard to silver --- is likely a controversial one, but at least Colton and Pomeline have learned the lesson that I wish someone had taught me as a child: The solution to all #teenproblems is to throw a smoke bomb at them and run away.


(W) Brendan Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl
(A) Adam Archer, Sandra Hope
(CA) Karl Kerschl

When a member of Detective Club is forced to stand trial for expulsion, the rest of the gang must rally for a rescue. But clues thrust them on a search for the mysterious Book of Gotham, and the gang learns there are more terrifying things at Gotham Academy than getting kicked out!

In Shops: Jan 11, 2017

SRP: $2.99