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DC's Universe Collides With Beloved Hanna-Barbera Characters
While DC Comics has had a great 2016 largely thanks to its DC Rebirth initiative, the success of its updated Hanna-Barbera titles such as Future Quest and The Flintstones has been one of the most surprising hits of the year. Next year, DC is doubling down on its classic cartoon characters by teaming them up with some of the most iconic heroes in the DC Universe in a number of special annuals set for release in March.
Preview: 'Poison Ivy: Cycle Of Life And Death' #6
The good news is that thanks to the foundation laid down by Dr. Pamela Isley's research into the longevity of certain kinds of trees, there's now a new treatment for otherwise incurable diseases that can extend someone's lifespan and help them manage, or even eradicate their health problems. The bad news is that all of this is happening in the DC Universe, so it's a treatment that turns you into a giant murderous plant monster that needs to eat stem cells to survive. Side effects, am I right? Either way, it's a consequence that Poison Ivy is going to have to face when the Grim --- the aforementioned tree monster --- shows up to eat her super-powered sporeling children in the climax of Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life And Death. Check out a preview below!
Did 'New Suicide Squad' Just Become DC's Smartest Team Book?
When DC Comics launched its "New 52" Universe a few years back, Suicide Squad was pretty much the bottom of a barrel that wasn't really in good shape to begin with. Despite being an attempt to revive one of the best, most elegantly crafted and thought-provoking superhero books of the 1980s, the New 52 version was a noisy, soulless mess that ended up doing almost irreparable damage to characters like Harley Quinn in the name of making something more extreme, in a true late '90s Juggalo sense of the word. When the series was finally canceled and relaunched, I honestly wasn't expecting it to get any better, especially since the new lineup included the addition of one of the worst new DC characters of the past several years. But we're two issues into what writer Sean Ryan (and about 27 artists so far) is doing with the re-relaunched title, New Suicide Squad, and while I'm not sure, I think it might actually be the smartest team book DC's putting out.
‘Suicide Squad’ #1 Dies By Its Own Hand [Review]
I'll be honest with you: I'm probably about as far from the target audience DC's going for with the new Suicide Squad #1 that came out this week. Not only am I the opposite of a new reader, I'm specifically a guy who has a lot of attachment to The Way Things Used To Be...