On sale now from Marvel Comics is the first issue of John Carter: The Gods of Mars, an official adaptation of the classic science fiction novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The book comes courtesy of acclaimed Sacrifice and newly minted Ultimate Comics Ultimates co-writer Sam Humphries and features the manifestly excellent storytelling of Ramón Pérez in his first work since Archaia and Jim Henson's beautiful Tale of Sand graphic novel. With colors by Jordie Bellaire, Gods of Mars is likely the most visually arresting new single issue you can find on the stands (or digitally) this week.

If you're like myself or ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims and have seen and enjoyed the new Andrew Stanton film John Carter (based on the first novel of Burroughs' series, A Princess of Mars), you'll be interested to know that Marvel's The Gods of Mars #1 picks up right where that film leaves off. I guess that means the preview below could constitute spoilers!

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