Fleeing Belize after being named as a "person of interest" in a murder investigation, then deported from Guatermala after entering the country illegally - faking two heart attacks along the way in an attempt to slow down his deportation - where next for the increasingly-strange tech maven John McAfee? Portland, Oregon, of course - and it's all because of a comic book. Insert your own "Put a jailbird on it" joke at your leisure.The bizarre exploits of the man behind McAfee anti-virus software (Something that he himself doesn't use, by the way; he thinks that it's "too annoying") have kept people in something resembling spellbound disbelief since the 67-year-old was named in connection with the murder of Gregory Faull, one of his neighbors, in November. Denying any involvement, and claiming that he was afraid that the police would kill him if given the chance, McAfee left the country and went into hiding, showing up weeks later in Guatermala, where he was arrested for sneaking into the country. Afraid that he would be deported to Belize, he reportedly faked heart attacks to give his lawyer time to mount a defense against deportation, resulting instead in his deportation to the United States, where he again disappeared in mid-December, staying underground... until now.

McAfee's new base of operations was revealed last week when he appeared in local strip club Mary's Club posing for photographs to accompany an article for the Sunday Times. His reason for moving to the city is to continue to work with Chad Essley, a local artist who is illustrating a graphic novel based on McAfee's life, written by McAfee himself.

Talking to local alternative paper the Willamette Week, McAfee says that he's planning on buying a home in the city and staying for the next year and a half or so until the graphic novel is finished (Essley told Wired in November that the book was three-quarters done already). Whether or not he changes his mind is anyone's guess, but we can only hope that he decides to show up for April's Stumptown Comics Fest.