Johnny Ryan's series of hyperviolent Prison Pit graphic novel series from Fantagraphics is getting an animated web series from Rug Burn. Yes! Really!

This is fairly phenomenal news for people who enjoy reading/watching monster men, cosmic entities, sexually satisfying parasites and mystical space cultists pummel beat the living life out of each other. Prison Pit Book 4 was one of our favorite books of 2012, and with Book 5 on the way this fall even Rug Burn's vague "coming soon" cartoon release timeframe makes it seem like the future is even brighter bloodier for PP protagonist Cannibal F*ckface.

Founded by Titmouse & Six Point Harness, Rug Burn seems uniquely suited to bring Prison Pit to full-color life in animation. If Titmouse's experience on shows like Superjail! trickles down to this show at all, it should be just what the doctor ordered.

You can check out the Prison Pit animated series trailer, complete with music by Seth Cooper, below.


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