The Joker is a Gotham City area criminal whose proclivity for mayhem, violence and bad pun-based humor categorize him firmly as fiercely insane. David Alvarez is a Leavenworth, Washington area YouTuber whose activities would also inspire caution and fear were it not for the fact that everything he does seems to be Rubik's Cube-based. A crazy genius in his own right, Alvarez paid tribute to the clown prince of madness with an astonishing portrait of Heath Ledger as the Joker made entirely of Rubik's Cubes.Inspired by the work of the cube-based fine artist artist known as Space Invader and endowed with the Rubik's Cube-solving wisdom of YouTuber Dan Brown, Alvarez set to work on his Joker portrait, using the character's portrayal by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight as a model. According Alvarez, the finished piece is made up of 336 Rubik's Cubes and measures 4-feet by 3-feet. Lest you suspect he unfairly altered the cubes to fit his vision, Alvarez documented the creation of his Joker portrait with a time-lapse video in which you can clearly see him manipulating the Rubik's Cubes in the traditional style. He's a man of his word.