The writer (and occasional illustrator/designer) of such superlative works as The Nightly News, Fantastic Four, S.H.I.E.L.D., Pax Romana and more, Jonathan Hickman is a favorite of ComicsAlliance readers and staff. Indeed, Hickman's work with Fantastic Four and FF is so beautifully dense, dramatically enthralling and meticulously structured that it's inspired an ongoing series of annotations by our own David Uzumeri. As such, all we really need to know about any new Hickman comics is that they exist and we will definitely buy them, and we know you will too.

To that end, ComicsAlliance and Jonathan Hickman have teamed up to bring you an elegant and exclusive teaser for the writer's latest creator-owned project, The Red Wing, a time travel epic illustrated by Nick Pitarra.

The primary challenge of the indie comics creator is almost certainly awareness. While we know the ComicsAlliance readership is especially inclined to support indie comics -- especially indie comics created by Jonathan Hickman -- you have to be aware of them first. The challenge is compounded by the fact that indie comics depend on retailer and customer support in the form of pre-ordering, whereby the books have to be ordered by comics stores months in advance. Jonathan Hickman books are trickier still because you kind of don't want to know too much about them for fear of spoiling the story.

As such, ComicsAlliance asked Hickman to design for us an exclusive teaser of The Red Wing that includes exciting images from across his and Nick Pitarra's visually stunning story about a generation of temporal fighter pilots who battle to rescue the world from enemies who've already destroyed our past. The graphic is explicitly made for sharing, so please post it anywhere you like.

The Red Wing #1 goes on sale in July from Image Comics, but you're strongly urged to ask your local comics retailer to order you a copy (it's as simple as asking them, no money down or anything) or pre-ordering online from Things From Another World.

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