Yes, IDW's Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover is one of the greatest gifts that sci-fi-loving comic geeks could possibly receive this year. Curious minds do wander, however, when the idea of Doctor Who crossovers comes up. Artist Jordan Gibson, for instance, decided to envision what a Darkseid/Dalek alliance might look like, well as how Doctor Doom might dress if he were to commandeer the TARDIS.Gibson's playful work, which smacks of Darwyn Cooke's influence, can be explored at his site and deviantART account. His playful mash-ups and an impression of what Johnny Depp might look like as The Riddler will wow you, as will his custom costume photos.

After all, nothing says "party down" like Doctor Doom in a red fez and bow tie, as we're sure you will agree. Check out our favorite Gibson pieces after the jump, and enjoy them for all they're worth.

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