Joseph Lambert sports some astounding range in his art. If you enjoy the work of Chris Ware and Ivan Brunetti and/or you've been known to take more than an hour per aisle to wade through the comics at SPX or the annual MoCCA Festival, you may enjoy Lambert's colorful romps, which fluctuate between big-headed Jeffrey Brown-esque man-children and spot-on homages to James Kochalka and Disney cartoons.

He's crammed gobs of misshapen heads, comics and studies of other creators' styles onto his personal blog and Flickr account, which are both linked to from his website at're liable to recognize his illustrations from other places, such as Houghton Mifflin's The Best American Comics 2008, which featured his comic Turtle, Keep It Steady and the Top Shelf 2.0 area of, which hosts his comic Fall.

And if you enjoy the picks we've included below, you may want to even consider investing in some of his minicomics.

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