Words and pictures shouldn't always have to be separated by the black lines around word balloons; in fact, strings of letters can come together to form some pretty compelling figures when they need to. Typography posters already made one ComicsAlliance appearance this week, but a small and growing portfolio of similar pieces by Josh Mirman also caught our eye, and his Conan O'Brien is just as magnificent as his Mega Man.

Mirman, whose Zombie Link also appeared here a few weeks back, has formulated Mega Man and Mario posters that look like they were born out of the psychedelia of Jimi Hendrix posters, but many of the words are clearly a little more modern.

More of Mirman's mad creations can be found on his deviantART account, where letter people and undead video game characters reign supreme. Prints and T-shirts are even available over at Level Up Studios is some of them are to your liking.