Rogan Josh's gallery of personal creations looks like a one-man Marvel Masterpieces set, save a few DC and independently owned characters who have managed to inspire him. In the same way that Mark Grambau and Jamie Roberts like riffing off of simple concepts with flat color schemes, Rogan grabs potently symbolic arrangements and lets them do the talking.

The ratio of meaning to minimal elements in his Iron Man, Spider-Man and Beak pieces from his "modHero" series is pretty astounding, and he doesn't do a bad job with Mike Allred's Madman either.

He even takes on Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy, though they don't appear to be getting nearly as wet as his potentially NSFW tribute to Storm. Thumb through a few our favorite picks below, and if you take a notion venture further into his Internet world, we understand Rogan has his own Etsy shop where he occasionally sells his wares.

[Via Geek-Art]