Mere hours after writer Andy Diggle announced via Twitter that he was ending his run on Action Comics before it began, another DC Comics writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov, posted on his blog that he likewise won't be writing Green Lantern Corps nor Red Lanterns, both of which he was scheduled to take over in June.

DC has already announced new writers for both titles: Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer writer Van Jensen on Green Lantern Corps, with Robert Venditti co-plotting, and Swamp Thing writer Charles Soule on Red Lanterns.Though Diggle simply said he was leaving Action for "professional reasons," Fialkov made his reasoning abundantly clear:

"There were editorial decisions about the direction of the book that conflicted with the story I was hired to tell, and I felt that it was better to let DC tell their story the way they want."

Fialkov goes on to say that "this was not an easy decision to make emotionally or financially, but I'm sure it was the right decision for me and for the Green Lantern books."

He didn't indicate whether Green Lantern Corps #21 and Red Lanterns #21, his first issues on each book, both of which have already been solicited, would still bear his name.

He wraps up his post by stating he's still writing Alpha: Big Time and Ultimate Comics Ultimates at Marvel, as well as The Devillers at Dynamite.

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