Joss Whedon is part of a team of filmmakers shooting a documentary at the 2010 Comic-Con, and if you're going to be in the area, you could be part of it. "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope," is looking for a few good fans with obsession, charisma, and a story to tell about why they want to spend four days milling around a convention center.

Joss and Company are looking for anyone at the convention, wannabe creators, die-hard fans, vendors, collectors, cosplayers, camp enthusiasts, or anyone else who might be interesting enough to put on film. At Comic-Con, that casts a wide net. A narrative thread or two would help your case. The press release specifically mentions that docu-star hopefuls have "a story to tell." Don't write in with a vague line about going with the flow and expect to be filmed. Pick a quest; finding a first issue of "Action Comics" or true love, or your birth-parent, or your spirit animal or something.

And try to be creative. My guess is they're going to get a ton of "I swear I'm going to get hired by Marvel this time around," submissions. Most of all, let's put a smile on that face.

We are looking to cast original, eccentric, funny, touching, and mildly obsessive people that will capture the excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and passion of comic book, anime, sci-fi, and fantasy lovers everywhere.

This is about how much fun it is to be a nerd, not the pain and loneliness of the graphic novel enthusiast's existence. Try to channel one of those kids from "Glee." Or an Ewok.

Think you have a shot? Go ahead and email the team at The press release specifies that you include your name, contact information, picture, and story. Good luck!