Back in 2010 ComicsAlliance talked to Miguel Cima about Dig Comics, his short film blending anthropology and evangelism with the express aim of getting more people -- especially Americans -- to read and love comics of all kinds. While Cima's initial roughly 20-minute short was successful at film festivals and comic conventions, it remained a labor of love as he and his team spent their own money and free time to produce and promote their message until the right financial backers could be found to bring a full-fledged feature or other substantial media project to life. Now, in today's crowd funding climate, Dig Comics is appealing to current comic readers and fans on Kickstarter to "to help educate, teach, learn, enjoy, evolve & carry on the positive, creative, comics torch into the future and beyond!" by funding a full-length Dig Comics movie.

The Dig Comics team is seeking $250,000 on Kickstarter to produce and release their planned feature, with backers at the $10 level receiving a digital download of the completed film and exclusive updates on the filmmakers' progress. Higher backing levels yield items like messenger bags, hats, physical DVD copies of the film featuring exclusive bonus content, coffee table books, in-person screenings, and even the chance to join the team as a creative producer.

You can get a taste of what's to come from the original Dig Comics short below for a taste of what Cima has in mind.

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