Finally, an October Surprise for this year's US Presidential Election that we think is actually worthy of the title. Forget Donald Trump being nosy about passports and college applications, the real news is that Buffy and Firefly creator (and Avengers screenwriter and director) Joss Whedon is endorsing Mitt Romney - and he's asking you to, as well. Click through to watch his explanation, and gain a whole new desire to learn parkour.Showing off his domestic side - Friends, just look how clean that kitchen is - as he admits that "it's a very different world now" compared with when Barack Obama was voted into office four years ago, Whedon makes the often overlooked argument that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is the only choice for voters who can't wait to see America become a harsh and unforgiving playground for the undead:

The video is just the latest in a series of celebrity YouTube endorsements for Obama, following on the heels of Lena Dunham's apparently controversial "Your First Time" video from last week. Not all celebrities are coming out in favor of the Democratic candidate on the video hosting service, however; the Romney/Ryan ticket last week picked up Meat Loaf's vote. He would do anything for love but vote for the sitting President, apparently.

With just over a week to go until the actual election, how likely do you think it is that we could get a Walking Dead cast response to Whedon's endorsement of Romney on behalf of the zombie apocalypse...?

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