The career of Joss Whedon has contained all manner of interesting detours on his way to becoming the director of the third most successful movie of all time, whether it's writing X-Men comics, directing a musical web series or that whole Dollhouse thing. But did anything prepare us for his first post-Avengers project - heading up a SQUAT team and taking on a giant monster that takes seven days to defeat?Whedon's new career comes courtesy of Brett, a 5-year-old responsible for "Scary Smash," the first episode of Written By A Kid, a new web-series from Felicia Day's Geek and Sundry YouTube channel:

This foray into web-series acting is just the start for Whedon; at Comic-Con, it was also announced that he'll make an appearance in Husbands, the streaming sitcom co-created by former Buffy scribe Jane Espenson.

When he's not appearing in other people's web series, he'll be creating his own; Whedon is currently in London, co-writing Wastelanders with Warren Ellis; the five episode project has been described by Ellis as "where Joss' sense that too few people followed the example of Dr. Horrible meets my obsession with the Quatermass serials."

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