Tim Leong of Complex magazine (and former Editor-in-Chief of Comic Foundry) recently interviewed Joss Whedon about the upcoming season premiere of "Dollhouse," working with lead actress Eliza Dushku, the Emmy-winning web series "Dr. Horrible" and his Dark Horse comics:

Complex: Do you think you take bigger chances in your projects because you have such a fiercely loyal fan base?

Joss Whedon: Well, again it has to do with being under the radar. The fan base kept us from being not cancelled, which was very thoughtful of them. But at the same time, I do know that they demand a certain amount of surprise, they demand the unexpected, and they demand to be challenged when they watch the show... For them to know that their characters are going to change and go through hell and in some cases change very literally, and then they're more excited to be a part of it. The whole energy comes from this little band of rebels -- I don't mean the people in the Dollhouse...but I sort of do.

Also, did you know Whedon's "Astonishing X-Men" collaborator artist John Cassaday will be directing an episode of "Dollhouse"? Because he is.

With Cassaday, I know he can tell a story, I know him as a person, his sensibility, the way he is with other people and I just feel that this step is logical for him, it's something he's been pursuing for a while. We're now in position to take this risk, because we have so many good people he knows he's in a comfort zone... The only problem we have is he wants to storyboard his episode, and I'm like, "You do know that it's a script that will be late, right?"

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