Loki, the villainous mastermind who could never be trusted because he was always scheming up a long term con, got a fresh start after his death at the end of Siege and his reincarnation as a child. The story of Young Loki is now being told by writer Kieron Gillen, penciller Doug Braithwaite and colorist Ulises Arreola in the pages of Journey Into Mystery, a fantastic adventure tale about a trickster given a second chance, perhaps to be a hero, or perhaps to concoct one of the most ambitious and devious schemes of his immortal existence. Journey Into Mystery #624 is out today, and we've got a five-page preview below.This issue is third part of this Loki story, and the two issues leading up to it have been remarkable. In issue #622, Loki followed a complex series of clues to receive a message left for him by the spirit of his previous self. In issue #623, after the events of Fear Itself leading to Thor's imprisonment, Loki took it upon himself to become the hero, only to discover an as yet unrevealed secret that may have a terrible cost. Now, in issue #624, we see the return of Hela and Mephisto, two characters Gillen knows well from his previous run on Thor.

It's a book that embraces the mystical and the wonderful in a way that no other Marvel book currently does, spinning tales with an atmosphere of fantasy and magic unlike anything typically found in a mainstream superhero title. The closest comparison I can make is to the more occult books published by Vertigo, which is no small amount of praise.

This sense of wonder's accompanied by a sense of humor in Gillen's writing -- mostly by Loki -- whose so-smart-he-can't-help-himself qualities have been amplified by his recreation as a young teen. If somehow this book slipped under your radar due to all of the summer event books shipping, or if the high-issue numbers and lack of a specific character in the title kept you at arm's length, do yourself a favor and catch up on an impressive new tale worthy of the mythic heritage it's built on.

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