Taking the reigns from Kieron Gillen after his departure was certainly going to be a challenge. Starting in April 2011 Gillen spent over a year on Journey into Mystery, until his highly regarded run on the series came to an end this fall. Kathryn Immonen took over as writer starting with issue #646 and, perhaps to the surprise of no one who has followed her career up to this point, she and new series artist Valerio Schiti haven't missed a beat. Changing the focus from Kid Loki to Lady Sif, Immonen's first two issues on the series have been well received, as she's shown fans Sif is far more than just an occasional sidekick/love interest for The God of Thunder.

Marvel has provided ComicsAlliance with a preview for January's Journey into Mystery #648, and we reached out to series editor Lauren Sankovitch, who says this upcoming issue takes Sif's story "even further down the road to crazytown."From Sankovitch:

"The response for the new team and to Lady Sif, especially from 647, has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting for all of us. With 648, we're taking things even further down the road to crazytown with Sif..and we hope you enjoy the ride. From an island full of jacked up beasties literally from time immemorial to a ragtag band of ancient, unemancipated berserker warriors whose curiosity just might be keener than their bloodlust...Sif's got her hands full. And is loving every minute of course."

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Journey Into Mystery #648 goes on sale in January.

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