From Parts Unknown is a comics anthology about pro wrestling, which is being funded by a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign. The project is the brainchild of writer G. Brett Williams and former Marvel editor Lauren Sankovitch, and features work by professional wrestler Christopher Daniels, filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska, and comics creators including Joe Keatinge, Ed Luce, and Jason Latour. The cover features a painting by WWE's favorite artist Rob Schamberger.

There are some really great reward tiers as well. For just $25 ($20 if you're fast enough) you receive a physical copy of the book. Higher tiers offer prints by Jake Standley and Rob Schamberger, and even watercolor paintings by Chip Zdarsky (but those are going fast).

If you love wrestling and comics (and I know I'm not the only one around here who does), it's definitely a project worth checking out. The Kickstarter campaign closes on May 22nd.


Cover by Rob Schamberger & Jared K. Fletcher


Here's some of what G. Brett Williams has to say on the Kickstarter page:


We've both been wrestling fans and comic book fans for as long as we can remember. And a few years back, we began to notice that we ended up talking as much about wrestling at comic conventions as we did comics. And that's how From Parts Unknown was born. We asked ourselves, "Why do people love wrestling so much" and then asked some of our very talented friends to help us answer that question.

From jump street, Lauren and I agreed that if From Parts Unknown was going to be a reality, it had to be done with the same level of craft and adherence to fair creator rates that you’d get from an established publisher. Of course, we’re not established publishers. What we are, however, are professionals who have spent years cultivating a positive reputation in the industry that we love. It’s that reputation that allowed us to assemble the staggering array of talent involved in From Parts Unknown.

At the start, we always said we couldn’t do this without the help of very specific people, and thankfully every one of those people agreed to contribute to this project. That’s why you’re getting a cover by Rob Schamberger and Jared K. Fletcher that on its own is a work of art. It’s why you’re getting a behind the scenes view of one of the most storied careers in pro wrestling history from “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. And it’s why renowned filmmakers the Soska Sisters are sharing their story of what it’s like to be female wrestling fans in a world that doesn’t always accept you and to ultimately find not just acceptance, but significant success, among the very people who make the sport you love so dearly. It’s stories like these that celebrate pro wrestling without turning away from the realities of it that we are excited to curate and share with you.


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