While the production drama associated with the Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark has seemingly passed, it seems that legal battles associated with the Broadway musical haven't been put to rest just yet. Former Turn off the Dark director Julie Taymor's lawsuit against producing company, 8 Legged Productions, now has an official court date. of The most expensive Broadway musical of all time, SM: TotD was fraught with controversy almost immediately, with frequent delays, actor injuries and the eventual departure of Taymor. Once released, however, the show became successful, Taymor filed a lawsuit on the grounds that she was owed unpaid compensation for her contributions prior to leaving the show, which include work on the production's original book and more.

The lawsuit was supposedly settled last August, but somehow remained ongoing despite numerous talks of shortly-upcoming settlements. Now, U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest, has declared "Trial is and will be on May 28, 2013."

Whether the upcoming trial will face as many delays as the musical did remains to be seen, but it's probably safe to bet there'll will be fewer physical injuries involved.

[Via THR]

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