Spider-Man has spun his last web on Broadway. Two-and-a-half years after it officially opened, lagging ticket sales are bringing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to a close in January 2014.

But the show isn't ending entirely, according to producer Jeremiah J. Harris. A "revamped version" of the show will open in Las Vegas in 2015.

The New York Times has the details about the reasons for the show closing. At its peak, Turn Off the Dark, which holds the distinction of being the most expensive Broadway production ever, was bringing in $1.5 million per week in ticket sales. Now, ticket sales are less than half that amount.

Harris didn't name the Las Vegas venue that would host the new version of the show, but he did say he believed it would play well to audiences there. Certainly the popularity of Cirque du Soleil proves there is an audience for high-flying acrobatics. Harris said the core creative team from the Broadway show, including director Philip William McKinley, will be in charge of the Las Vegas version.

Turn Off the Dark has long been plagued by bad publicity due to actor injuries and the legal battles associated with the firing of original co-creator Julie Taymor. And, depending on what kind of songs you like hearing Spider-Man sing, Bono and The Edge's music. Perhaps a new city means a fresh start for the Web-Slinger's musical theatre ambitions?

[Via NYT]

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