Created by Taipei-based designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, JumpFromPaper is a handbag line that features clever two-dimensional aesthetics that will suspend your disbelief. From purses to messenger bags, JumpFromPaper's trompe-l'œil designs are bold, colorful, and heavily reminiscent of comics, cartoons, and illustrated children's literature.
Despite their "flat"/slim appearance, these bags are also fully functional; each bag boasts a substantial amount of storage to carry all of your three-dimensional essentials. JumpFromPaper bags range from $60-$80, and are available to purchase online.

Afternoon Tea, $60 [link]

Bonjour!, $80 [link]

First Date, $70 [link]

Bowling Bag, $70 [link]

Tank, $60 [link]

Play Harder, $70 [link]

Travel Bag [link]

Play Hooky, $80 [link]

Cheese!, $80 [link]

¡Hola!, $80 [link]

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