Last week Jurassic World opened, setting a global record with it’s $511 million dollar debut, which is the first time a film has ever pulled in more than $500 million in an opening weekend. But even before fans were flocking to theaters to see the 4th film in the franchise, they were busy creating art — mostly devoted to Chris Pratt and his gaggle of raptors.

In the film, Pratt plays Owen Grady, hunky trainer of the menacing beasts named Blue, Delta, Charlie and Echo. Not only does Grady manage to bond with the deadly pack, but he’s actually figured out how to lead them as a sort of alpha. His tenderness and respect for the animals is one of the most compelling parts of the movie (there’s also a rocket launcher, in case feelings aren’t your thing) and the fan community has captured that in much of their artwork.

Grady raised the pack from birth, leading some artists to imagine the cuteness of Pratt cuddled up in a little dino-pile. And since fandoms are fluid, artists merging canons has resulted in some hilarious crossover pieces, from Grady as a Pony to Star Lord riding a raptor to Andy Dwyer serenading his cold blooded ladies.

In addition to Pratt’s charms, the dinosaurs themselves have inspired artists, namely the new genetically modified super-beast Indominus Rex. The concept art for the creature is excellent, and fan renderings explore her unique abilities. With her massive size, white skin and deadly bite, she absolutely lives up to the film’s internal slogan of, “Bigger, louder and with more teeth.”

Explore the gallery and let us know what you think — what’s your favorite piece? And which characters do you hope to see catch on in the fan art community? I’m hoping for more baby triceratops, perhaps goring the obnoxious parents that let their kids ride them.

Note: Images contain strong language.

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