In the best traditions of superheroic irony, it's possible that Marvel Studios may be partially responsible for the creation of its own biggest box office rival. As The Avengers movie becomes the third most successful movie in US Box Office history, reports emerge that Warner Bros. has jumpstarted its long-dormant Justice League and Wonder Woman movie projects with all-new writers joining the projects.The JL writer in question is Will Beall, a former television screenwriter with experience on ABC's Castle who has since found favor with Warner Bros., writing this fall's Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling period crime movie Gangster Squad as well as masterminding reboots for both the Lethal Weapon franchise and the 1970s science-fiction movie Logan's Run. According to Variety, Beall has been quietly working on Justice League since last year, noting that the project's revival camel "in anticipation of - rather than a reaction to - the box office success" of Marvel's record-breaking team-up.

Meanwhile, another much-loved DC franchise has taken a step closer to the big screen, as Green Lantern movie co-writer Michael Goldenberg has reportedly been hired to take the first stab at a new screenplay for Wonder Woman. Much like Justice League, Amazon Warrior Princess Diana has proven to be a problematic project to bring to live-action in recent years; in addition to David E. Kelley's failed TV pilot in 2011, none other than Joss Whedon was attached to the character for a big screen debut that failed to materialize some years back. Here's hoping that this latest attempt has more success... and also manages to avoid the pitfalls that made Green Lantern stumble so badly at the box office, as well.

Neither project has either a director or stars attached, nor an announced release date.