Artist and movie buff Justin Reed specializes in slightly caricatured, pop-culture-inspired group shots, and boy, can he paint the white Kryptonite out of Christopher Reeve getting a talking to from the disembodied head of Marlon Brando.Most of Reed's paintings use a slightly fish-eyed perspective to accentuate his panoramic formats. He's done Jay and Silent Bob, the cast of the Spider-Man and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. If you dig process posts, he's shared a number of fine examples on his art blog, and if you want to look at some large images of his work, he's got plenty of those posted on

Someone at Marvel Studios should totally nab this guy to do a big, fat Avengers mural on their office walls, because that seems to be the only thing missing from his portfolio at the moment. You can thanks us later for the recommendation, Marvel Studios!

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