Justice League revamps seem to be in fashion this season, and artist Justin White has made his own contributions to the party. White gave the whole DC team the baby treatment in his group portrait, which looks fully prepped to use for pitching a new Cartoon Network series. Such a show would make for some crazy-good Powerpuff Girls-crossovers. And then there's his vast stockpile of Pokémon re-workings.Between White's Flickr stream and the portfolio on his personal website at Jublin.com, he's got plenty to offer. The glossy-eyed, juvenile sense of humor he endows his subjects with looks like it came straight out of the world of Ren & Stimpy and will change the way you think of Pokémon hospitals.

Whether White will go on to inspire Mega Man musicals or an after-hours, adult-friendly Denver, the Last Dinosaur revival, it's hard to say, but whatever he does, we'll be watching for more of his work.

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