Need some more color in your life? Have a look at the brilliant superhero tributes in Karen Zachary Wang's work. Her figures are long and slender in the spirit of artists such as Michael Turner and Mark Silvestri, but she draws Nightwing and Batgirl with a softness that feels much more like Phil Noto.Wang's deviantART account is stuffed with linework that could pass for Noto's. She obviously harbors some serious affection for the Bat-family. Her Teen Titans likeness skew true to the spirit of Karl Kerschl's Year One work, though. Also, check out her Wonder Woman, and you may even see some shades of Adam Hughes.

Between Wang's coloring and natural motion that she depicts in her subjects, she's got a potent arsenal of skills. Her art's packed with fun and energy, so enjoy and keep an eye out for more. There's a lot of love in these scenes and portraits.

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