I'm a big fan of cartoonist Kate Leth, whose variously cute, naughty and even weird creations have become almost daily delights to members of the comics community on Tumblr, where she's perhaps better known as Kate Or Die. Also the writer/illustrator of a series of comic book culture columns for Comics Bulletin, Leth has an uncommonly sentimental way of mixing the sacred with the smutty that defies the typically dour reactions to such things, and leaves you eager to see what else she can come up with.

Quite naturally, having already made a splash with her DC Comics Halloween postcards, Leth availed herself of the Valentine's Day occasion to create a series of greeting cards that exemplify her playful style. You can check them out below.

Unfortunately, Keth's Valentine's four-pack is no longer available, but you can purchase other items from her Etsy shop and see loads more at her website, where she posts similarly funny cartoons but also some quite serious and personal comics on topics like sexuality. You can also check out a great Batwoman piece by Leth in this edition of Best Art Ever (This Week).

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