Some ladies want to evoke the aesthetics of a superhero with something less than a full-blown costume but something more than a t-shirt. For the woman hoping to take her fashion cues from Robin, Wonder Woman or the Black Canary, Katrina Navarro sketches up casual outfits with a bit of superpowered flair.
Over on Project: Rooftop, Navarro explains that in designing these outfits, she tried to put together pieces that a person might reasonably find in their closet or in a store (with maybe a few alterations). Over on Tumblr, you can see that a few folks have actually tried to replicate her designs in their own clothing choices. Unfortunately, it seems that Navarro is taking a bit of a break from the Internet; her Tumblr is down, and her Etsy shop, where she sold superhero-inspired accessories, is on hiatus. But she occasionally pops up at Project: Rooftop, and hopefully we'll be seeing more of her artwork again soon.