As amazed as I am by someone with a well honed illustrative craft, sometimes all I want to see is a ludicrous idea executed well. And Kelly Tindall, while capable of drawing a beautiful Big Daddy or a gorgeous Galactus, has some wonderfully absurd ideas: Black Canary as a literal canary, the Bride of Frankenstein made out of other monsters, Mary Poppins as a Borg, Chewbacca at a charity dinner and Kraven the Hunter through the teenage filter of Raven-Symoné.
Tindall is the creator of the snow leopard supernatural investigator Archie Snow as well as the co-creator of the webcomic That's So Kraven!, which casts Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man and Venom in their very own Disney Channel sitcom. In his illustration play, he has a particular affinity for the Bioshock aesthetic (and who could blame him?), plus he draws a mean Maleficent. Some of his most delightful pieces, though, come out of his warm-up sketches, in which he wanders through a number of media and styles with oddball effects. Perhaps more wonderfully weird webcomics will emerge from Tindall's illustrative experiments.

You can see more of Tindall's work at his sketchblog, Tumblr and deviantART pages.