Chances are, if you've seen Ken Wong's art, it's thanks to American McGee's Alice sequel, Alice: Madness Returns. Wong provided concept art for the game, helping to establish the tone of scenes like the Mock Turtle's Story and imagining the possible gameplay with a giant steampunk snail. But Wong has plenty of other game- and non-game-related art in his portfolio, from a Sword & Sorcery-inspired Mona Lisa to some spectacularly surreal pieces that start with a manga influence, then go on a wonderfully weird detour. That's all before we explore matters of the cephalopod heart.
Wong is actually working on his first solo game, an iOS game called Hackycat, that blends hacky sack with, well, cats. (Do you have to remove a few beans from your cat before you start kicking it into the air?) You can keep track of release details--and see a larger version of that Street Fighter chart--at his portfolio site.