Trina Robbins is often not given the credit she deserves both as a legendary creator and as a force for real change within the comic book industry. A trailblazer her entire career; she designed the classic Vampirella costume, was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman, and was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2013 in recognition for her lifetime of work in comics.

Robbins deserves many more eyes on her work, which is why it's so exciting that a Kickstarter has been put together by Drew Ford under the It's Alive imprint to collect and publish her adaptation of Sax Rohmer's 1919 novel, Dope.

Originally published in 1981 and serialized in the pages of Eclipse Magazine and Eclipse MonthlyDope tells the story of early 20th century drug culture through the eyes of a talented and aspiring actress. The result of the Kickstarter will be the first time Dope has been collected completely, and will come in a ninety-six page black-and-white collection with a foreword by C. Spike Trotman and an afterword by Colleen Doran.




The Kickstarter comes with a host of rewards from physical and digital copies of the book all the way to original artwork from Dope and original drawings by Trina Robbins herself.

Unfortunately Robbins is no longer able to draw and publish new work, and as an industry it's important to remember those who paved the way and broke down the doors. The Dope Kickstarter is running for ten more days, and as of this writing is only $220 away from meeting its target, so this is a great chance to not only read a classic work from a legendary creator, one that hasn't seen publication in thirty-five years, but also to help out someone who legitimately changed the industry.

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