Continuing the slow roll-out of creators and titles for its Marvel NOW! relaunch, Marvel today teased a new "invincible" project for the Uncanny X-Men pairing of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land. Tony Stark, are you ready for a new team?Admittedly, the teaser image doesn't go as far as to say that Gillen and Land will be handling the creative chores on a new Invincible Iron Man series, but given that particular choice of adjective and the fact that there's been a rumor to this effect going around for at least a month or so now, it's a pretty safe bet to think that we're less than a week away from the official "announcement."

If true, this will continue Gillen's strange trend of following Matt Fraction on Marvel Comics titles; together with artist Salvador Larroca, Fraction was at the helm of the previous run of Invincible Iron Man that ends this October - a run that coincided with the character's movie stardom and, in the eyes of many, rehabilitated the character from what'd been seen as a nadir during the Civil War and Initiative eras from the last decade, in addition to being both critically-acclaimed and Eisner Award-winning (Gillen has previously followed Fraction on the Thor title as it became Journey Into Mystery, and also on Uncanny X-Men).

Clearly, Gillen and Land have their work cut out for them on the relaunched title, but seeing how well they managed to relaunch Uncanny X-Men, I think the armored Avenger is in good hands.

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