Writer Kieron Gillen has a brand new comic with Jamie McKelvie and colorist Matthew Wilson (my nemesis) called The Wicked & the Divine, which comes to comic shops June 18. Certainly you could go to your local comic shop that day and hope to pick up a copy, but it isn't guaranteed unless readers pre-order it by the order cutoff date, which is Monday, May 26 and give your retailer an idea of how many copies to order (or to order it at all). "Pre-order?" you may ask. "How on earth do I do a thing like that?

Gillen's got you covered. He has helpfully assembled a fumetti (that's a comic with photographs) that explains every relevant detail of how to pre-order a comic, specifically his. Even if you already know how to preorder comics, it'll make your day.



The Wicked & The Divine is already a favorite in these parts.