In yet another example of a Marvel title wrapping up a "season," as it were, Young Avengers by writer Kieron Gillen and artists Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton will end with issue #15 in February 2014.

Gillen announced the run coming to an end in a post to his Tumblr, which also heavily hinted at a new season with new creators.

He wrote:

Jamie and my plan was always to do a season telling a contained story, leaving room to continue it if we felt we had something else to say. When the time came around and Marvel asked if we wanted to do more issues, Jamie and I decided we’d actually made our statement, and should leave the stage.

Gillen added, "I’m sure [the title will] be back in an excellent new form at a future point."

The team will likely have more to say at the Young Avengers panel at this year's Thought Bubble festival in Leeds. The panel will include Gillen, McKelvie, colorist Matt Wilson (not me), Becky Cloonan, Ming Doyle, Joe Quinones, Christian Ward, and Annie Wu.