Whether you're fighting off a neck-jarring half-nap aboard a flight to San Diego, waiting in line for a preview night events at the convention center or sitting beside your computer waiting for your RSS feeds to refresh with more convention coverage, there's one brain-activating way to fill the cracks between Comic-Con's abundant goings on: puzzles.

To celebrate what they affectionately refer to as "Nerd Circus," The Puzzle Hub blog is currently hosting Comic-Con themed word games and puzzles. They're a lot like the word games you might find in the comics section of a newspaper, only digital and full of answers you don't need your grandmother's encyclopedic knowledge of '40s pop music to figure out. Best of all? They're absolutely free.
So far themes include Superman, Runaways and comic book movies, with more comic book and pop culture puzzles to come. Unlike Jumble, there's no "Jr." equivalent to play as a warm up, but most fans shouldn't have much of a problem decoding the trivia in these puzzles.

Check them out at The Puzzle Hub.

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